For all the things that Citizen is interested and engaged in, there is a sense that quite a bit of our best thinking is hidden just outside the public periphery. It seemed high time that we do something about this given that Citizens are always pushing into new areas of Connected Thinking, there seems to be no shortage of “X about X” conversations flowing throughout our Portland and Seattle offices.

What you can expect from Citizen Metadata is cogent and concise takes on often complex or murky subjects that are either at the center of the technorati zeitgeist or lurking along on the edges where the spotlight doesn’t yet reach. We believe there’s a need for this sort of clear-eyed perspective that’s hard to find in typical analyst fare.

Our choice of topics are not pure whimsy but rather focused on the connective tissue between Industry, Technology, Users, Policy and Environment. For our inaugural year, we are indexing heavily on “data” topics, such as the Big BioData series, in order to contextualize how these forces come together into major transformative moments in our shared evolutionary path.

Citizen Metadata is designed to weave rigorous research, professional analysis and practical know-how into a new breed of accessible, conversant content that benefits a wide audience of curious thinkers and doers.

As this program develops, so too will our media vocabulary. We have a number of exciting things in the works that we’ll be rolling out across the year. You can help us realize the full potential of Metadata by signing up to receive the latest content to consume and providing the feedback you feel we need to hear.

Thank you for your interest, participation and support.

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Part of the Citizen Metadata program, this content series on Big BioData is meant to provide a comprehensive picture of the boundaries, opportunities and mythologies lurking in Big Data solutions in the healthcare field. This series is geared towards companies, investors, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, and the general community.

A new wave of innovation is cresting in the field of healthcare. Traditional healthcare products and services are being uprooted by the possibility of transformation through Big Data solutions. Unfortunately, Big Data solutions have until now only proven to be hype; a sales slogan to rally investors around or a mythical creature that everyone talks about but no one has actually seen evidence for. The goal of this series is to move beyond the hype to elucidate:

This content series will provide a practical path for all stakeholders to digest, learn, and implement breakthrough ideas in the field of Big Data as it relates to healthcare. Particular attention is emphasized around the potential for massive value to be added through a sophisticated understanding of datasets for predictive analytics, consumer segmentation, intelligent value mining, and other purposes. Only by understanding how all of these pieces fit together, can the field of healthcare begin to move beyond the hype and into a new era of innovation.

The Complete Big BioData White Papers.

  1. Big BioData: A Revolution in Evidence-Based Medicine
  2. Advanced Analytics. Moving Beyond the Big BioData Hype
  3. Defining & Pushing the Boundaries of Big BioData
  4. Data Integrity: Technical Methodologies in Big BioData
  5. Innovators: Case Studies in Big BioData
  6. Evidence Based Medicine: The Market for Big BioData
  7. Integrating Big BioData: Challenges, Opportunities and Mythologies
  8. Contextual Relevance: Experiential Advances through Big BioData
  9. The Big BioData Halo: Emerging Academic and Professional Models
  10. Big BioData: Looking Beyond Products and Markets


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